Saturday, July 11, 2015

Eligibility Worker Test Preparation Books

All Study Guide books do include a full length Practice Examination as well a ton of expert created tips and tricks.

ALL of the most common content is covered in detail and you are provided illustrative example exercises and problems to work with. As a result, there is truly no better way to prepare.

Most Importantly?

ALL Guides Are UP-TO-DATE for 2015/2016 Testing!

Eligibility Worker Exam

New Eligibility worker exam test preparation booklet. Includes everything you need to know ahead of time before taking this all too i portant qualifying examination. Expert created and has a ton pf practice questions to work with, highly recommended!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

FREE Civil Service Practice Tests

Hello Clients:

Please check out the FREE Civil Service Practice Tests are now available via our website. Join other successful clients and get started today!

As always, if you have any questions please email us and one of client services members will reply back right away.

Please remember that all of the civil service exam practice materials are available via instant download. You get a PDF file of the civil service study guide book. Clients especially appreciate that option as they can get started studying right away.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Civil Service Test Study Guide Books


Please check out all of the study guide books offered. We have listed the links for the various study guide categories. simply "click" on the most applicable category and then you will be directed to the corresponding product page options.

Civil Service Accounting Exam Study Guide Books

Civil Service Administrative Exam Study Guide Books

Civil Service Auditor Exam Study Guide Books

Civil Service Corrections Officer Exam Study Guide Book

Civil Service Police Officer Exam Study Guide Book

Eligibility Worker, Health, Social and Human Services Type Exam Study Guide Books

Merit System Exams Study Guide Books

As always, please advise our team of Civil Service Exam Test Preparation Experts if you have any questions. No inquiry is too small, please simply send us an email and Client Services will get back to you right away.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

State Civil Service Exams

Taking a state civil service exam is not really any different than taking a civil service exam at any other level of government.

Meaning, the question formats will be very similar throughout all examinations. State civil service tests differ by agencies but virtually all will test your ability to exhibit skills such as the following:

Reading Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning
Read and working with charts, graphs, tables, etc.
Grammar and punctuation

The above topics are some of the most commonly used subjects used on many exams.

Study Guide material for State Civil Service Exams Can be located using this website link:

go to

On this website you can click on many links to find the right study prep for your state.

Good Luck on your state civil serrvice exam.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Civil Service Exam Study Guide Practice Test

2015 Civil Service Practice Test and study plan. Includes study guides for all states and many different civil service occupations.

Taking a civil service test requires many skills. In addition, the exam itself is different than most exams people are familiar with.

In order to score big and pass your civil service exam, you need to prepare. Furthermore, you need to prepare by getting some familiarity with the types of questions most likely to be on your examination.

Go to Civil Service Practice Test to learn more about how to prepare for a wide array of civil services tests.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

State Civil Service Exams

Need to take a Civil Service Exam in your State?

If you do, here is some solid advice. Get some practice with the types of questions most likely to be on your examination. You can do this with a Civil Service Study Guide.

Studies show that applicants who study score better on standardized exams, than those who do not. Therefore, do not sit idle. State Civil Service Exams are tough and unlike most any test most people have taken.

Both the formats of the questions and the subjects covered are much different than any other test you have taken.

If you would like a suggestion of a website that offers study guides for civil service testing go to: